Monday, May 3, 2021

Covid 19

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 I am hopeful that the nation and the world will emerge from Covid 19 soon. I feel much safer now that I have had my vaccinations and I have finally gone to the grocery story...twice! During this season of isolation, I have had plenty of time to paint but I haven't had inclination.. It appears that I am an extrovert and as such I get my energy from being around others. Every day I looked at the next and thought that I could start a new canvas then but the tomorrows came and went while my paints remained safely in their tubes. 

I will be in an art show later in May--I don't have the details yet. However, I started reworking some previous work. This one had a significant change.

I decided to do some negative painting and this is the result. I'm still undecided about putting a green glaze on the entire tree. Feel free to offer your opinion. 

Out on a Limb

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

People and a Village

Well, it didn't take me long to miss a post but I'm trying to get back on track.  Here is yesterday's intended post. It was interesting to read some interpretations on FaceBook. I had not thought about the people being sad but that was what several people said. During this pandemic and time of political upheaval, I understand their view and appreciate it. What do you think?  

Oops I just realized that the photo is crooked. The green on the right is the wall. Sorry.

We Were There
Acrylic on Canvas 36x24

Here is today's piece which is more non-objective. If you look closely, you see bits of paper because this painting has many layers. As it came together, I began to have a vision. What you see may be different but call it Asian Fishing Village.

Asian Fishing Village

Mixed Media 16x20

As always, I welcome your comments. However, I realize that some of you have had difficulty having you comments accepted. I do not know what the problem is but I'll investigate . Meanwhile I welcome your email. 

Monday, August 17, 2020

Cheery Flowers

 Today I got dressed in some nice slacks and shirt because I had somewhere to go. I even took some time with my Covid19 hair. You may wonder where I was going so I'll tell you. I had to get bloodwork done. Just regular bloodwork that is done every year, I'm not sick. However, it was an opportunity to leave the Bijou and I was happy.

I'm also happy that the following piece was accepted into the Fall Festival at the Creative Arts Guild in Dalton, GA.

Orange Vase

10x10 Acrylic on Canvas


Sunday, August 16, 2020

Gearing up for a new Show

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I sent six photos of six pieces I painted hoping for acceptance into an exhibit in Dalton, GA. After waiting an extraordinary long time, I got my acceptance. I have entered this show for the past 4 years and this is the first time all of my pieces were accepted. Yippee! Now I just hope that a patron or two like my work well enough to purchase one...or more.

This particular show features the food from many restaurants in Dalton, GA and usually has a large crowd. Because of Covid-19, what is usually a well attended reception will be different this year but I do not know the plans as of yet. I only know that the art will also be sold online. More about that as I gain information.

The show is not until next month so I haven't made a decision about attending yet. However, I'm giving an advance peek at my work here.

This is a small piece called Posies in a Pot.
14x11 Mixed Media

I'm sure everyone is just as tired of this virus stifling our outings as I am but I hope everyone is staying safe and well during this pandemic. I walk several miles daily and that is just about my only outing. I sometimes see neighbors and we greet each other and may stop to chat but always at a distance. 

Also I will be showing with a group at a bar in Chattanooga called WanderLinger. I think that is a great name. This show is also in September as well as an online show from the North River Civic Center in Chattanooga. I think I need to get busy with in my studio!

Feel free to comment on any of my work. I can handle The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!! It is always interesting to hear different perspectives. If you can't comment here, you can email to

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Katie to the Rescue

I thought it would be so simple. I was wrong.

My plan was to use 2 sets of bifold doors to display my paintings. I wrestled them out of my shed with the help of my brother. They smelled musty and were dirty so I cleaned them and left them in the sun in with the very slim hope that they would smell better. While they were sunning, I dug around and found some appropriate paint for them. Of course, I waited a day too long and it started raining so they had to be brought inside to be painted. I set them up using the backs of folding chairs for sawhorses. Bit by bit, I got them painted, but it isn't a very good job. Meanwhile, the Toyota dealership called me.

This, THIS is the time they want to put me in a COROLLA while they figure out what is wrong with the lift gate on my Highlander. Are you getting an idea of the problem? There was no way those doors were going to fit in the Corolla. I called my sister with the idea that she would help me and we could use her CRX. She was on her way out of town but was generous enough to leave me her car. Alas, the doors would not fit in it.  My brother also went out of town for the day. So much for siblings!

It was my niece, Katie, who came to my rescue with an enormous truck. She helped me get the doors to the museum and I got partially set up. I still have a bit of setting up to do tomorrow. Tonight I have to get my business cards, finish at least one painting, get the labels done and do a few touch-ups.

I know it is difficult to tell what is what in this photo. The doors to the right are still empty as the Command Strips needed to cure. I know that my friend Jacky has already claimed three mouse traps so at least I'll sell those!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Getting Ready

I'm having a booth for the first time! It is on Sunday, December 3, 2017, at the 5 Points Museum in Cleveland, TN.  I decided that even if nothing sells, it will be good experience. However, before I could even get my stuff together, a friend came to the Bijou for the first time and when she saw three of my mouse traps that I have finished, she announced that she wanted to buy them. That more than paid for my booth! 


For Sale

I will have small things and large things at the show, so if you're close, drop by and say hello!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Her Name Was Sarita

       The making of Sarita

Stenciling in various colors

A few things about art are difficult beyond actually making the art. Naming the piece is one of them. I don't remember how I decided on the name Sarita, but I believe someone suggested it to me and I went with it.  It means princess, but rather than a princess, I always thought she looked like a co-ed from the early 60s. You know--pre-hippy. 

I hung the painting above a bright pink chair at the Bijou and Sarita looked very much at home there.

More stenciling and glazing
Several weeks ago, I said I would give a demo at an art gallery in Athens, TN. I then decided against doing an actual demo and thought I would just tell about the steps using various pieces of art.  When I arrived the director was dismayed that I wasn't planning to give the demo that she had advertised. Ever flexible, I kicked into high gear, scavenged their children's paint closet and I got my demo ready. In fact, all the participants got to make a small piece also. During my talk, I passed around papers I had painted and a few canvases. 

A face begins to appear
After I finished, the director asked if any of the things I had brought were for sale. Guess who I had taken? Sarita.  I left the painting there for her to consider and found out today that she did, indeed, buy it. I will miss Sarita, but I'm happy she has found a new home.

If you are wondering why I don't do a better job of placing the pictures in this blog, it is because they jump all over the place. Also when I edit, they are in one place but when I publish they may have moved.   I may need to look for another site for my blog that is not so unpredictable. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. I like FREE sites! haha

Face continues to emerge

Color is added