Sunday, January 30, 2022


To see this correctly click on it so it will be in a browser rather than an email. Let me start by saying that Blogger is NOT my bestie. Yes, the price is right. Free is very attractive. However, it is awkward to use especially for someone who wants to put in a plethera of graphics. There is no word wrap or if there is, I haven't figured out how to use it. Take this as an explanation of why my pics may look awkward. I had a fun idea of how to scatter some pictures throughout the text but had to scrap that plan. My big news is that I will be showing my art at the grand opening of Moss Rose Gallery in Cleveland, TN. The reception is February 10. Parking is easy so if you live around here, please come. There will be music and food and art. Also showing will be the owners Fred Wise and Jami Wise along with Jennie Kirkpatrick. We are all neighbors so I'm really looking forward to this. The theme is about love but not necessrily romantic love so I thought of good friends and painted this piece which is 12 x12. Obviously since I dissed this site, it is going to show me who's the boss. Now the graphics only appear as code as I write. I THINK they will show as pictures when I publish. I haven't used any code since the 1990s and I knew VERY little then. Now I realize that everything is appearing as one giant paragraph.
Then I decided why not make lots of besties so everyone could choose their own? So I painted a baker's dozen of 4x4's.
They were such fun to do that I decided to make a few more with two people in them. I already painted this one which was inspired by Thelma and Louise.
Also thses Love Birds who appearing to be saying their vows will be in the show.
And finally I thought a Girl and Her Poodle would be great. That where I ran into serious trouble. I planned (a rarity), I made a mock up (that's a never occurance) and I ended up with a mess. Hope I can salvage it but I don't feel very optimistic at this point!
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Monday, January 10, 2022

The Auction



The silent auction happened NYE and guess what? My painting actually sold after a small bidding war. Okay, I'm trying to make it sound huge just for the sake of the story..  The woman who bought it has a turquoise streak in her hair--so I guess we were on the same wave length. She plans to put it in her store which is down town. I'll check that out in the next few days. I'll get some pics and share them. 

                                              She's Been Named                                         

I asked for suggestions for to name this piece and the winning suggestion was Ginger Snap. Thank you, Joanna Brooks!

Shadows into Light                      

This piece was accepted into CHA ART SPACE at the Chattanooga Airport. I don't think all the information is online yet but check out the paintings.  There is a little bit of everything. This is Casting a Shadow 30x22 Acrylic. By coincidence this font is Shadows into Light. 

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Thursday, December 30, 2021

Winding Down

Another year is ending. Unfortunately Covid 19 along with its two new variants are still with us. I have had my shots and wear my mask in hopes of staying well and/or not spreading any illness to others. However, I am beginning to wonder what the new normal will be--if we ever get to the point. I predict many precautions are here to stay and perhaps that's a good thing.

Meanwhile my studio has not seen much action. I've had plenty of time to paint but there has been a lack of enthusiasm which I hope to rev up for 2022. (Studio sounds much better than laundry room with paints and an easel which is more accurate.) 

CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) of Bradley & Polk Counties which is a non-profit that works alongside community volunteers to make sure the voices of abused and neglected children are heard in court asked for an art piece for their NYE auction. I let my niece who volunteers with the organization select the piece. 

She choose Maat who is named after the Egyptian goddess of Truth and Honesty. Mixed Media and acrylic 16x20. My fingers are crossed that someone will bid on it. 

My most recent piece is this woman for whom I do not have a name. Suggestions are welcomed.  Acrylic 20x16.

Come back soon, I have some catching up do to!

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Monday, May 3, 2021

Covid 19

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 I am hopeful that the nation and the world will emerge from Covid 19 soon. I feel much safer now that I have had my vaccinations and I have finally gone to the grocery story...twice! During this season of isolation, I have had plenty of time to paint but I haven't had inclination.. It appears that I am an extrovert and as such I get my energy from being around others. Every day I looked at the next and thought that I could start a new canvas then but the tomorrows came and went while my paints remained safely in their tubes. 

I will be in an art show later in May--I don't have the details yet. However, I started reworking some previous work. This one had a significant change.

I decided to do some negative painting and this is the result. I'm still undecided about putting a green glaze on the entire tree. Feel free to offer your opinion. 

Out on a Limb

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

People and a Village

Well, it didn't take me long to miss a post but I'm trying to get back on track.  Here is yesterday's intended post. It was interesting to read some interpretations on FaceBook. I had not thought about the people being sad but that was what several people said. During this pandemic and time of political upheaval, I understand their view and appreciate it. What do you think?  

Oops I just realized that the photo is crooked. The green on the right is the wall. Sorry.

We Were There
Acrylic on Canvas 36x24

Here is today's piece which is more non-objective. If you look closely, you see bits of paper because this painting has many layers. As it came together, I began to have a vision. What you see may be different but call it Asian Fishing Village.

Asian Fishing Village

Mixed Media 16x20

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Monday, August 17, 2020

Cheery Flowers

 Today I got dressed in some nice slacks and shirt because I had somewhere to go. I even took some time with my Covid19 hair. You may wonder where I was going so I'll tell you. I had to get bloodwork done. Just regular bloodwork that is done every year, I'm not sick. However, it was an opportunity to leave the Bijou and I was happy.

I'm also happy that the following piece was accepted into the Fall Festival at the Creative Arts Guild in Dalton, GA.

Orange Vase

10x10 Acrylic on Canvas


Sunday, August 16, 2020

Gearing up for a new Show

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I sent six photos of six pieces I painted hoping for acceptance into an exhibit in Dalton, GA. After waiting an extraordinary long time, I got my acceptance. I have entered this show for the past 4 years and this is the first time all of my pieces were accepted. Yippee! Now I just hope that a patron or two like my work well enough to purchase one...or more.

This particular show features the food from many restaurants in Dalton, GA and usually has a large crowd. Because of Covid-19, what is usually a well attended reception will be different this year but I do not know the plans as of yet. I only know that the art will also be sold online. More about that as I gain information.

The show is not until next month so I haven't made a decision about attending yet. However, I'm giving an advance peek at my work here.

This is a small piece called Posies in a Pot.
14x11 Mixed Media

I'm sure everyone is just as tired of this virus stifling our outings as I am but I hope everyone is staying safe and well during this pandemic. I walk several miles daily and that is just about my only outing. I sometimes see neighbors and we greet each other and may stop to chat but always at a distance. 

Also I will be showing with a group at a bar in Chattanooga called WanderLinger. I think that is a great name. This show is also in September as well as an online show from the North River Civic Center in Chattanooga. I think I need to get busy with in my studio!

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